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Thomas Public Relations at CES
CES 2023 in Las Vegas - the Largest Technology Trade Show in the World
swisstech at CES 2024

 AT CES 2024

Booth 1: swisstech Venetian Eureka Park Booth #62833 (Level 1, Hall G):


  • Algorized: software-enabled Ultra Wide Band (UWB) sensing and perception algorithms for health and safety applications

  • Jedsy: creating the standard for instant medical delivery through sustainable drones

  • FLOWIT: generative AI-powered SaaS people development platform for companies - cuts churn by up to 50%

  • data-driven intelligence for movie and ad industries with proprietary technologies that increase successful content from 30% to 80%

Renewable Energy/CleanTech:

  • Grivix: autonomous charging for heavy-duty electric vehicles and more in minutes - setting the standard for powering sustainable, carbon-free, affordable, and safe commercial vehicles

  • Swistor: next-generation energy storage with nanostructured boosted carbon-based electrode supercapacitors for sustainable energy storage charging 4x faster

  • develops methodologies to constantly measure urban parameters for Big Data and AI implementation. Sparrow equips taxis, ride-hailing cars, and public transport with multi micro-sensors to help cities become smart and sustainable

  • PEROVSKIA SOLAR: slim digitally printed perovskite solar cells with a stylish light-weight design seamlessly integrate the power of solar cells into any sized IoT device, including smartwatches, trackers, smart homes, lights, and sensors


  • Aegis Rider: revolutionizes motorcycle and racetrack experience through cutting-edge proprietary AR solutions

  • COPRESENCE: generate your own self with AI to transform your face into a lifelike photorealistic 3D avatar, redefining virtual interactions, including gaming, metaverse, videoconferencing, and more

  • PatchXR: provides a musical mixed reality metaverse with virtual worlds, musical instruments, and full-immersion live shows to build the musicverse -- “The Minecraft of Music”

  • Sensoryx: precise sub-millimeter custom 3D tracking for the metaverse for improved accuracy and responsiveness in VR and AR systems and new ways to interact with digital content in the physical world


  • Flappie Technologies: AI-driven cat flap with prey detection, transforming how cats and their owners interact

  • Lighthouse Tech: smart, fashion eyewear frames for children and adults that enable safe pedestrian mobility and obstacle avoidance for the blind and vision-impaired – first and only available vision-impaired eyewear for children and featuring unique Asian fit


  • Edge AI technology turns conversations into accurate private transcripts that reflect who said what and when for an edge in confidential conversations

  • Dynavisual: Swarm, AI, and IoT smart textile technology for colorful information displays on smart wearables for real-time interactions for work safety, fan engagement, advertising, sporting events, and mood

  • Nimagna: elevate your online video presence with Nimagna’s AI video producer for webinars, online trainings, and presentations with a dramatic full virtual stage

  • Stacksync: only real-time two-way sync integrates the CRM and the database in minutes with no code needed

  • Strong Network: first secure Cloud Development Environment (CDE) platform that provides innovative infrastructure and code security mechanisms


  • machineMD: medical device company using VR and eye-tracking/response technology to radically improve the measurement of brain function for fast, accurate, and early detection of brain disorders, including Alzheimer’s and Multiple Sclerosis

  • Nutrix: first-ever non-invasive, medical-grade cortisol monitoring sensor and health services with gSense, an advanced tool that seamlessly enhances your health

  • Safe Living: first contactless, intelligent emergency detector device for self-empowerment to live as long as possible in your home (previously Sedimentum).

  • Senbiosys: Velia smart light-weight Titanium ring elevates style, tracking heart rate, energy, and other vitals at a similar level to medical implants

  • Zoundream: first and most advanced AI for the analysis of infant cries for real-time, non-invasive early detection of developmental disorders – just by using sound


Booth 2: Swisstech Venetian Global Pavilion Booth #55835 (Level 2 Hall A-D):


  • Horus is a 3D inspection solution driven by Artificial Intelligence for industries requiring fast inspection, ensuring scalability and inspection repeatability on all production lines


  • AVAtronics: AI-enriched Wideband Active Noise Cancellation audio technology for in-ear hearables for hearing health, highest noise canceling for lifestyle earbuds and headphones, and in-seat noise cancellation for transportation industries


  • Hemargroup: Turning electronic visions into precision realities from prototype to production excellence Companies include:

    • S-Lux (part of the Hemargroup): unleashing safer and faster clean wireless communication using the power of light from 5G to “Light G”

    • revoltab (part of Hemargroup): beautifully design premium smart vegan fragrance room diffuser easily integrates through WiFi into new and existing homes, offices, hotels, retail stores, hospitals, and medical facilities for automatic and timed fragrances - works with the revoltab coffee-inspired capsule system

Renewable Energy/CleanTech:

  • BRUSA HyPower: environmentally friendly highly efficient wireless inductive charging for e-vehicles, including cars, trucks, trackers, and boats - leading supplier/expert for Power Electronics


  • Ostloong Innovations: AR and AI technologies greatly enhance skiing with AR googles providing real-time information about the user’s performance and environment

  • Superba AR: creates world-scale Augmented Reality, AI applications, and experiences – recently launched Stadium AR in an NFL stadium with 60,000 fans


  • AVADO: device unlocks the power of decentralized finance with AVADO’s Liquid Staking and plug-and-play nodes to make blockchain accessible and secure for all – celebrating 5th anniversary


  • Swiss Impact (Embassy of Switzerland to the US): discover Switzerland’s positive impact in the United States in innovation, economic relations, sustainability, culture, and international partnerships

BOOTH 1 Eureka Park:

BOOTH 2 Upstairs Venetian:


Press Contact to schedule meetings and for more information:

Karen Thomas / Eva Yutani

Thomas PR /

Phone: (631) 549-7575 cell: (516) 527-9111

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